Roger's Rules

I like boardgames. I often don't like their rulebooks. So I write new ones.

Games that have accrued multiple expansions over time (Firefly, Flash Point) generally don't have a single rulebook that covers everything. And some designers just aren't that great at writing rulebooks. I aim to present everything here in a logical order, ideally the order in which it'll happen in the game; where there's a tension between initial learning and reference, I've erred on the side of the latter.

Everything here is written by RogerBW and is released cc-by-sa-nc. Any game terms are owned by those games' authors and/or publishers. If these rules lead you astray, that's all my fault not theirs, and I will refund everything you paid me for them. If you want the original format (which might be LibreOffice, LyX, or emacs org-mode) get in touch.

Long Rules

These are intended for printing on A4 paper, generally double-sided. If that's a problem for you, I can probably export them for US Letter

Pocketmod Rules

These are rulebooks that can be squeezed onto a single side of A4, intended for folding. More details are on the Pocketmod page.