Roger's Pocketmod rules

Here are some condensed rule books for board games I like, formatted as Pocketmod to make eight-page mini-booklets. You can find assembly instructions (one cut and several folds) here.

Alternatively, if text works for you:

  1. Mountain fold in half parallel to long edge, and unfold.
  2. Mountain fold in half parallel to short edge.
  3. Valley fold in quarters parallel to short edge (you now have a four-sheet-thick concertina) and unfold half-way.
  4. Cut along vertical centreline from upper to lower valley folds.
  5. Fold left protrusion down, right protrusion up.
  6. Re-fold the vertical mountain fold.
  7. Re-fold the horizontal valley fold to put front cover at front of booklet.

Everything here is written by RogerBW and is released cc-by-sa-nc. If you want the LibreOffice source to use the text elsewhere, get in touch.