Kate Monk's Onomastikon

(Dictionary of Names)

Female Names of Latin Origin

These can be forms of Roman family names or word adaptations, often with a virtuous or Christian connotation. Except for saints' names, they were not much used in England before the Reformation when they became popular with the Puritans. Latin forms of women's names (Anna instead of Anne, Maria instead of Mary) became fashionable in the C18th.

Amanda 'lovable'

Am Amanada Amandah
Amandha Amandi Amandie
Amandy Manda Mandee
Mandi Mandie Mandy

Amy 'loved'

Aime Aimey Aimia
Aimie Aimy Ame
Amee Amerra Amey
Ami Amia Amica
Amie Amieka Amiet
Amii Amiiee Amio
Ammie Ammy Amye

Arabella from 'Orabilis' - 'easy to intreat'?

Arabel Arabele Arabelle


Avis 'bird' or Germanic 'Aveza'

Avias Avice


Beatrice 'beatus' - 'blessed'

Beatrca Beatricia Beatriks
Beatris Beatrise Beatriss
Beatrissa Biatriz



Bea Beattie Trice
Trix Bee Beata
Tris Trixi Beatty
Trissie Trixie Trissina


Bella 'beautiful' or short form of Isabella

Bel Belita Bell
Belle Belli Belva


Benedicta 'benedictus' - 'blessed'

Bendite Benetta Bengta
Benitta Bennita Neeta

Candida 'candidus' - 'white'


Cara 'beloved' (also Irish Gaelic 'friend?')

Caragh Carah Caranda
Carra Cerah Cerrah
Chara Kaira Kara


Clare 'clarus' - 'bright/clear'

Clair Claira Claire
Clairette Clara Claretta
Clarette Clarey Clari
Clarie Clarina Clarinda
Clarrie Clarry Clary
Clayre K'la? Klair
Klaira Klaire Klarye

Faustina faustus 'fortunate'


Hilary 'hilaris' - 'cheerful/noisy/merry'

Alair Allaire Hilaree
Hilari Hilarie Hilery
Hiliary Hillaree Hillari
Hillaria Hillarie Hilleary
Hilleree Hilleri Hillerie
Hillery Hilliary Hillory

Laura from 'laurus' - 'laurel'?

Ilaura Illara Larah
Laure Leara Leira
Lera Lerae Loria
Lorra Lorrah Loura

Diminutives and elaborations

Lauren Lauretta Laurie
Laurice Lorin Laretta
Laray Lauricia Lorine
Larette Lari Laurys
Lorrane Larretta Lauri
Lorice Lorren Laurette
Lora Loris Lorrin
Loretah Lorah Lorrine
Loretta Loree Lolly
Loryn Lorette Lorey
Lorynn Lorita Lori
Lorena Lorretta Lorie
Lorina Lorrette Lorree
Lorinda Lorrie Lorrina
Lorry Lorynna Lory

Letitia 'gladness/happiness'

Laetitia Laetizia Le Teesha
Leetice Lestasia Leteisha
Leteshia Letice Leticia
Letisha Letisia Letita
Letiticia Letiza Loutitia
Lutisha Lutricia



Leta Lettie Tisha
Letah Let Teisha
Letta Letlet Ticia
Lita Letti Tishauna
Lyta Letty Tishra


Lona from Leona?

Lonee Loni Lonie
Lonna Lonni Lonnie

Mabel 'amabilis' - 'lovable'

Mab Mable Mabry
Mabyn Maybel Maybelle
Maybelline Maybull


Marina 'of the sea'

Maren Marena Marene
Marenka Marin Marine
Marinka Marrina Maryna
Merena Merina Merryn

Mirabel 'mirabilis' - 'wonderful'

Mirabell Mirabella Mirabelle


Monica may be 'moneo' - 'to advise'

Mommika? Monca Moneeke
Moneik Moneka Monia
Monic Monice Monicia
Monicka Monieka Monike
Moniqua Moniquea Moniquie
Monise Monisha Monn
Monnica Monnie Monya




Natalia 'dies natalis' - 'natal day' given to children born at Christmas

Natala Natalea Nataliia
Natalja Natallia Natalya
Natal'ya Nathalia



Nacia? Nashya Nata
Nati Natia Natie
Natka Natti Nattie
Natty Na'ty Natya


Nonah Noni Nonia
Nonie Nonna Nonnah


Nova 'new'

Novela Novella Novia
Novia Novka Nuvia

Olinda fragrant?

Oriana 'oriri' - 'to rise'? or 'gold'

Orania Oria Oriane


Renata 'reborn'

Ranata Renada Reneeta
Renetta Renita Renitza
Renyatta Rinada Rinata

Rufina 'Rufus' - 'red'

Rufeena Rufeine Ruffina


Sabina 'Sabine woman'

Bina Binah Binnie
Sabienne Sabinka Sabinna
Sabiny Saby Sabyne
Savina Sebina Sebinah

Serena 'serenus' - 'calm'

Cerina Sareena Sarena
Sarenna Sareyna Sarina
Saryna Sereena Serenah
Serene Serenna Seriana
Serina Serinah Serrena
Serrin Serrina Seryna
Sherrena Sirena Syreena
Syrena Syreni Zerine

Tacy 'be silent'

Tacey Taci Tacia
Taciana Tacie Tacita


Una 'one'

Unna Uny


Ursula 'ursa' - 'she-bear'

Orsa Orsaline Orse
Orsel Orselina Orseline
Orsola Ursa Ursala
Ursel Ursela Ursella
Ursely Ursey Ursi
Ursie Ursilla Ursillane
Ursola Ursule Ursulina
Ursuline Ursy Urszula
Urszuli Urzula


Valda from Valerie?

Valeda Valida Velda

Valina from Valentina?

Valaine Valean Valeen
Valen Valena Valene
Valeney Valese Valeshia
Valeska Valezka Valien
Valinda Valine Valisha
Vallan Vallen Vallon
Valona Valonia Valyn
Valynda Valynn Velinda

Valentina 'valens' - 'strong'

Valaika? Valantina Valentijn
Valentin Valtina



Verina Verine Verinka

Verna spring?


Verda 'fresh?'

Verdi Verdie Virda
Virdis Virida Viridia
Viridiana Viridis


Vita 'life'

Veeta Veta Vitaliana
Vitalina Vitel Vitella
Vitia Vitka Vitke

Vivian 'vivus' - 'alive'

Vivan Viviana Viviane
Viviann Vivianna Vivianne
Vivien Vivienne Vivina
Vivinet Vivion Vivyan
Vivyana Vivyann Vyvian
Vyvyan Vyvyann Vyvyanna



Viana Viv Vevay
Viann Vevey Vianna
Viva Vivee Vianne
Vivva Vivi Vivia
Vivie Vyvy


Roman Family Names

Masculine forms are given in italics, see Latin-Male for meanings.

Antonia Antonius

Ansonia Ansonya Antanesha
Antania Antoinella Antona
Antonella Antonice Antonina
Antonique Antonnea Antonnia
Antonya Antrionna



Tonee Tonna Tonya
Toney Tonja Toni
Tonia Tonje Tonie
Tonieh Tonnja Tonni
Tonnia Tonnya Tonnie
Tony Tonita Anta?

Aurelia Aurelius

Auralea Auralee Auralei
Auralia Aurea Aureal
Aurele Aurelea Aurelei
Aureliana Aurellee Auria
Aurie Auriel Aurielle
Aurillia Aurita Oralee
Orali Oralia


Camilla Camillus

Camila Camill Camillia
Cammille Cammillie Cammyl
Cammyll Camylle Chamelea
Chamelia Chamelle Chamila
Chamille Chamillia Kamella
Kamilah Kamilla Kamille
Kamille Shamille


Diminutives (may also be from 'Cameron')

Camesha Cameshia Cami
Camia Camie Cammi
Cammie Cammy Cammye
Chamika Kami Kamie
Kamii Kammi Kammie
Kammy Kamy


Cecilia Caecilius

Cacelia Ceceilia Cecelia
Cecile Cecilea Cecillia
Ceclia Cecylia Cescelia
Cescelie Cesilia Cicelia
Saselia Sasilia Secilia
Sesilia Sessilia



Ceceli Cecely Cecil
Cecilee Ceciley Cecili
Cecilie Cescily Cicely



C-Aaliyah Ceila Ceilagh
Ceileh Ceilia Seila
Sela Selah Selia


Cee Ceel Cissy
Cece Ceil Cissye
Cecy Ceileigh Sissy
Cele Cecelyn Ciel
Cecette Cilley


Claudia Claudius

Claude Claudeen Claudelle
Claudette Claudex Claudie
Claudina Claudine Claudisa


Cornelia Cornelius

Carna Carniella Corneilla
Cornela Cornella Cornelle
Cornie Cornilear Cornisha
Corny Karniela Karniella
Karnis Kornelia Kornelija
Kornelis Kornelya Korny

Drusilla from male cognomen 'Drusus'

Drew Drewsila Dru
Drucella Drucey Drucie
Drucill Drucilla Drucy
Drue Druscilla Druscille
Drusey Drusi Drusie


Emily Aemilius

Emaili Emaily Emalea
Emalee Emali Emalia
Emalie Emeli Emelia
Emelie Emely Emile
Emilee Emiley Emili
Emilia Emilie Emilly
Emmalee Emmaleigh Emmali
Emmalie Emmaly Emmelia
Emmilee Emmily Emmly
Emry? Emyle Emylee
Emylei Emylie Emyly

Diminutives (also from Germanic 'Emma')

Em Emay Emi
Emiy Emme Emmeie
Emmey Emmi Emmie
Emmy Emmye


Emiliana Aemilianus

Emileanna Emileanne Emiliann
Emilianna Emilianne Emilienne
Emillyann Emillyanna Emillyanne
Emilyann Emilyean Emliana
Emliann Emlianna Emlianne

Fabia Fabius

Fabiana Fabiann Fabianne
Fabiene Fabienne Fabra
Fabria Fareanne?


Flavia Flavius

Flavere Flaviar Flavien
Flavienne Flaviere Flayvyere

Julia Julius

Jewlia Joolia Jools
Juel Juliya Yulia


Julie (French form)

Jule Julee Juleh
Juli Juliet Julli
July Julye



Juleen Julene Juliann
Julianna Julianne Julieann
Julie-Ann Julieanne Julie-Anne
Julien Juliene Julienne
Julina Juline Leanne
Liana Liane Yuliana

Gillian (form of Juliana)

Gila Gilana Gili
Gilian Gill Gillene
Gillian Gilliana Gilliane
Gilliann Gillianna Gillianne
Gillie Gilly Gillyan
Gillyane Gillyann Gillyanne
Glilenia Gyllian Jilane
Jilayne Jilian Jiliana
Jiliann Jilianne Jiliannna
Jilienna Jilienne Jiline
Jill Jillaine Jillana
Jillane Jillann Jillanne
Jillayne Jilleen Jilli
Jillian Jilliana Jilliane
Jilliann Jillianne Jillie
Jillien Jillienne Jilline
Jillion Jillisa Jillissa
Jilliyn Jilly Jillyn

Livia 'Livius' - 'olive?'



Marcella Marcellus

Marcelia Marchella Marciella
Marcilla Marsela Marsella
Marshiela Marsiella


Marcia Marcus/Mark

Marca Marce Marcee
Marcha Marchia Marci
Marcie Marcy Marsey
Marsha Marshae Marshay
Marshia Marsi Marsie
Marsy Martia



Marceen Marcena Marcene
Marcenia Marceyne Marcina
Marcita Marka Markeda
Markee Marketta Markia


Petronella Petronius from 'petrus' - 'stone'

Pernella Peternella Petrona
Petronela Petronella Petronelle
Petronia Petronija Petronilla


Prisca/Priscilla cognomen Priscus 'ancient/primitive'

Precilla Prescilla Prescylia
Pricila Pricilla Priscella
Priscila Priscill Priscille
Prisella Prisila Prisilla
Prissilla Prysilla



Cilla Prissy Scilla
Prisi Priss Prissi


Tatiana Tatius?

Taitiann Taitianna Tata
Tatania Tatanya Tati
Tatia Tatiana Tatianna
Tatie Tatihana Tatjana
Tattyanna Tatyana Tatyanaha
Tatyanna Tautiauna Tiana
Tiatiana Totyauna Tytiana

Valeria Valerius

Valaria Valera Valeriana
Valeriane Valora Veleria



Vairy? Val Valka
Valli Vallie Vally


Virgilia 'Vergilius'


Virginia 'Verginius' - springlike'

Gineen Ginene Ginetta
Ginger Ginnie Ginny
Jin Jinae Jinha
Jinna Jinnae Jinnee
Jinney Jinni Jinnie





Aurora goddess of dawn

Aurorette Ora Ori
Orie Rora


Diana Latin name for Greek moon goddess, Artemis

Deaana Deahanne Deana
De'ana Deanna Deanta
De'awna Deeanna Diahanna
Dianah Diani Diania
Dianie Dianna Dihana
Dyana Dyani Dyanna

Diane (French form)

Deane Deann Deanne
Deeane Deeann Dee-Ann
Deeanne Diahann Dian
Diann Dianne Dyan
Dyane Dyann Dyanne

Diminutives and elaborations

Di Dia Deanisha
Die Dea Dianelis
Dy Dianetris Dianys

Flora goddess of flowers

Fleur Flor Flore
Floria Floris



Florance Floren Florency

Diminutives and elaborations

Flo Florrie Floss
Florann Florelia Floramaria
Floella Flori Flossie
Floriana Florelle Flordeliz
Florie Flossy Florianna
Florendra Florri Floretta
Florentina Florry Florina
Florette Florica Flory
Florinda Florimel Florine

Lavinia feminine form of 'Latinus' - 'from Latium' (an area near Rome)

Lavena Lavenia Lavina
Lavinie Levenia Levinia
Livinia Louvinia Lovina


Luna 'moon'

Lunetta Lunette Lunneta


Minerva goddess of wisdom

Merva Minivera


Roma from Rome or the goddess Roma Dea

Romaine Romana Romanda
Romanelle Romanique Romayne
Romeise Romeka Romelle
Romesha Rometta Romi
Romie Romilda Romilla
Romina Romini Romma
Romonia Romy


Sylvia from 'silva' - 'wood' Rhea Silvia, mother of Romulus and Remus

Silivia Silva Silvaine
Silvanna Silvi Silvia
Silviane Silvy Sylva
Sylvaine Sylvana Sylvanna
Sylvette Sylvi Sylvie
Sylvina Sylvinnia Sylvonna


Undine a water sprite

Ondina Ondine Ondyne
Undeen Undene Undine

Venus the goddess of love

Venis Venusa


Vesta the goddess of the hearth

Vessy Vest Vesteria

This collection of names was compiled by Kate Monk and is ©1997, Kate Monk.

Copies may be made for personal use only.

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