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Fire Has to Mean Something 01 September 2018


This month, Mike and Roger revisit RPG-a-Day, and consider some possibilities for role-playing without violence.

We mentioned:

RPG-a-Day 2018, Superhero 2044, Lords of Creation, Lands of Adventure, Aunt Petunia, GURPS Banestorm, Maxim's flying machines, Xavier the Astropus, Bubblegumshoe, Everway, "Bubbles", When a star decided to be helpful, RuneQuest Glorantha, Close to the Edge, Sagrada Família, The Future, Here Is the News, HeroQuest, Blue Planet, WaRP, Pendragon, Leave Not a Rack Behind, Winter Tide, The Kraken, Roger's WWII game, The Grognard Files playing Night's Black Agents, Whartson Hall Aethernauts,, the Far Isles Mediaeval Society, Noggin the Nog, Thoughts about a firefighting campaign in GURPS, Hillfolk/Dramasystem, and Primetime Adventures.

Michael says "I meant the mountains between Caithness and Zahud obviously". Well, obviously.

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  1. Posted by Lee Williams at 04:12pm on 01 September 2018

    Mention of the movement that used names such as "Damned Jones" reminded me of a character in Richard Cowper's SF satire "Clone". He is an uplifted chimpanzee whose real name in full is Magnify The Works of the Lord and Praise His Name For Evermore Jones, but now going by the name Norbert.

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